Sustainability & Digitalization

Designing Strategies for Increased Competitiveness and Innovation


The Offshore Renewable Energy (ORE) sector is making a significant contribution to humanity’s vital net zero emission targets – helping to realize the UN Sustainable Development Goals. And new technologies, processes and business models are now bringing even more opportunities to the ORE sector. 

Overview of training offer

This training offers an industry-proven program for sustainable business development. Based on a combination of e-learning (short videos) and video conferences lead by coaches, the program initiates a step-by-step process to develop business models focusing on increased competitiveness in both established and new markets. The leaders that participate in the training will be introduced to basic business systemic-design thinking using modern tools like a business canvas for business modelling, all supported by experienced coaches. The canvas to be used will be the Flourishing Business Canvas, covering not only economic issues but also societal and environmental issues (the so-called “triple bottom-line”) See for more information.

Key benefits and outcomes for your leadership team

Your leadership team will:

  • Gain a better understand of the gap between strategic issues and your capabilities to handle them.
  • Gain alignment on your strategy through
    better conversations.
  • Be led by experienced coaches through a proven
    systemic-design pathway to innovative and sustainable business strategy.
  • Map your present strategy and collaboratively start work on your future business strategy and business model.
  • Gain better understanding of business model factors
    required for true sustainability and innovation.
  • Improved systems thinking skills.
  • Gain better perspective on strategy, current and possible future business models applying the ABCD approach.

The course consists of three modules:

  1. Strategic Maturity Survey.
  2. Introduction to Flourishing Business Canvas and result of the Maturity Survey.
  3. Sustainability & Digitalization: Designing Strategies for increased competitive awareness and innovation.

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